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  • High Sierra Vista

    The High Sierra is my favorite place. I love the grand granite mountains, the alpine lakes, the trees. I am always looking forward to my next trip.

  • Sunrise In The Mountains

    It was a cold morning, and I forced myself out of my warm sleeping bag to do some landscape photography. I carried my full frame camera, two lenses a full size tripod, and camping gear up to very high elevations for the opportunity to take special photographs. My efforts were rewarded as because I was lucky enough to photograph this fiery sunrise in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  • Mount Whitney Sunset

    Sunset on Mount Whitney looking into Sequoia National Park. Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in California and the highest summit in the contiguous United States.

  • High Sierra Sunset

    The Sierra Wave is a type of lenticular cloud created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. On this particular day, they got some beautiful sunset light.

  • Lone Pine Peak

    Lone Pine Peak photographed during sunrise

  • Hiking in the Santa Ana Mountains

    As I research locations to hike and photograph, I cant help but notice that many of the locations are not photographed in good light. I have taken an interest to fill that void after work and on the weekends when I am in town. I hope you enjoy.

  • Joshua Tree Sunset

    Taken while backpacking in the Joshua Tree Wilderness

  • High Sierra

    I spent 2 nights backpacking in Kings Canyon National Park, and the views are unbelievable in every direction. Bullfrog Lake is a gorgeous alpine lake, and East VIdette towers above it.

  • Eastern Sierra Winter Sunrise

    The Eastern SIerra is one of my favorite locations to visit for its grands views and for the outdoor recreation available.

  • Mount Whitney Black & White

    MT. Whitney is the tallest point in the continental United States (14,505 feet)

  • Wilderness Camping

    I was very excited to spend 2 nights hiking into the King's Canyon National Park Wilderness. My backpack was heavy due to the fact that I took my full frame camera, two zoom lenses, and a full size tripod with me. Nonetheless it was completely worth the effort because I was able to photograph the milky way from a beautiful alpine lake at 3230 meters (10,600 feet) on a clear night.

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