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Irvine, CA

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  • Mount Whitney Sunrise

    Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 14,505 feet (4,421 m).

  • High Sierra Stars

    May 28, 2019. After a large winter snowpack, the snow level is still significant after memorial day.

  • Presunrise Glow

    Taken on a multiple day hike into the High Sierra in California.

  • Cedar Breaks Sunrise

    Not taken at Bryce Canyon National Park. Utah is a place full of remarkable landscapes which are not limited to the national parks.

  • Badwater Basin

    Lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. Death Valley National Park, California.

  • Yosemite Naional Park

    The summit of Sentinel Dome provides a magnificent view of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Yosemite’s high country.

  • Utah Sunrise

    Utah is a place full of remarkable beauty. The red rocks are a fascinating to photograph.

  • 4:30 AM

    Panorama taken during nautical twilight on a recent backcountry camping trip.

  • Fannette Island

    Fannette Island is the only island in Lake Tahoe. It sits within the incredibly beautiful Emerald Bay.

  • Death Valley National Park

    Sand Dunes at Sunrise

  • High Sierra Sunset

    The Sierra Wave is a type of lenticular cloud created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. On this particular day, they got some beautiful sunset light.

  • Moonrise

    Winter camping in the California Mountains.

  • Emerald Bay Sunrise

    Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California. Panorama photograph consisting of 20 different photos. 125 megapixel file.

  • Owens Valley Night Sky

    The red glow at the horizon was the light of moon which was about to rise. 15 image panorama. [10,000x6200]

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