About - Evver Gonzalez


Evver Gonzalez is a full time Engineer who currently resides in Irvine, California. Evver is an experienced hiker & mountaineer who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. He is also an a passionate photographer who enjoys to capture the beauty of the natural world whether in the mountains, deserts, or coasts. 

Evver will carry upwards of 10 pounds of photography equipment as well as his survival gear into remote areas for days at a time. His photographs are always taken with the intent of printing and mounting on a wall. He thoroughly enjoys to print his own photographs, and his walls at home are covered with his prints. Evver offers prints on canvas, aluminum, acrylic, and on traditional matted frames in various sizes. 

Evver hopes that his photographs of public lands will influence others to help in the preservation of the natural world. He urges people to go out and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

Feel free to contact Evver for any questions, he will be happy to respond. 

Email: Evvergphotography@gmail.com

High Sierra Stars