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About me

In February of 2015 I purchased some modest car camping gear gear, and I figured it would be fun to do with my girlfriend on occasion. My first camping trip as an adult was a trip to the immensely incredible Big Sur area which included two nights at The Pfeiffer Big Sur Campsite, and a night at the Kirk Creek Campsite. I was absolutely hooked! The combination of camping among immense Coastal Redwoods, then camping over a coastal bluff, hiking a few thousand feet above the Pacific Ocean, the drive up the scenic Highway 1, and the seemingly infinite stars in the night sky made it an incredibly memorable long weekend.

First Camping Trip As An Adult- Big Sur

When i got home from this trip I knew i wanted to get really into the outdoor lifestyle, in turn I invested in a comprehensive backpacking gear kit. I have always been into sports and anything that involves a physical effort, so hiking up mountains and across deserts was a comfortable place for me. I always carried a Gopro 4, extra batteries, and a gorillapod tripod on my backpacking trips, and I learned a lot about shooting shooting and editing videos, photographs and timelapses. Shooting with the small Gopro showed me that I loved the art of photography, but I realized that I needed to upgrade my camera if I wanted to have better image Quality. After reading other long distance hikers talk so fondly of the Sony RX100 camera, I decided to rent one from www.BorrowLenses.com, and I took it on a 74 mile & 13,300’ elevation gain cross-country trek on the High Sierra Trail for 3 ½ days. I was absolutely blown away with the image quality, and also with the fact that I could zoom. I ended up taking hundreds of photographs while hiking up to 20 miles a day. Some of my favorite photographs I have taken were on my first trip with a high quality camera.

I have since purchased a Sony A6000, a set of prime lenses a sturdy tripod, and I love my camera gear for its compact size, big APS-C sensor, and the fact that I have not spent a fortune on it. I have since become an addict to the art of Photography. I have added a ton of weight to my backpacking kit with cameras, tripods, filters, lenses and all the accessories, but it has been worth the effort. I have read what seems like every internet article written about Landscape Photography. I have taken numerous courses on www.Lynda.Com on the art and practice of achieving high quality photographs. I have followed very talented photographers on Youtube like Thomas Heaton, Ben Horne and Brendan Van Son. After extensive time and effort, I feel like I have achieved a satisfactory level of competence when it comes to getting a composition that is pleasing to the eye, and then being able to shoot it on a tripod with the proper exposure/edge to edge sharpness. I have learned how to use Adobe Lightroom, After Effects, Premier Pro, and Photoshop, and I now use advanced post processing techniques to make the photograph resemble my memory of the scene as closely as possible. I will want to thanks you for visiting my website and I hope you have enjoyed looking at my story and my portfolio, and I would love to hear from you. I will continue to grow as a photographer, and I would love for you to follow my journey.

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